Asset Managers

Vantage has a stellar reputation among asset managers, thanks to the prime
brokerage services allowing the management of multiple trading accounts.

Flexible Solutions

Asset Managers - PAMM Solutions


With the percentage allocation money management (PAMM) solution, investment managers can trade on behalf of unlimited investors.

Asset Managers - Multiple Account Management

Multiple Accounts Management

Clients can execute large block trades thanks to the deep liquidity provided by Vantage. These trades can also be split and executed on different trading accounts.

Asset Managers - Advanced Proprietary Reporting

Proprietary Reporting

Vantage has a web based Backoffice application portal giving clients real-time access to their accounts, trading history and regular customizable reports.

Asset Managers - Reliable Support


Our team tailors personalized solutions and services directly to the clients' specifications. This comes with a dedicated account manager catering to individual clients.

Institutional Expertise

Vantage began catering for institutional clients in 2014 and has since continued offering an unprecedented level of satisfaction. This is thanks to its proprietary, cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships with global teir1 liquidity providers.

We are regulated by ASIC and fully comply with the financial regulations in all the jurisdictions we operate in.

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