CRM, Platforms and APIs

Vantage Prime offers a dynamic range of trading platforms and APIs suitable for any business on top of the
proprietary and highly customizable CRM, which is available for clients, IBs and those of our White
Label Partners. Clients have access to automated trading for OTC and DMA orders from tier 1 banks.

Third-party trading is also supported via FX, MT4/5, and APIs. These platforms are offered for mobile,
PC, and web-based, providing access to over 20 global markets.

Customisation and Integration

Vantage Prime offers proprietary CRM, which is customisable for every client, depending on their needs. The CRM offers ready solutions for brokers, traders, fintech, payment solutions, IB and affiliates, customer service, and analytics.

Vantage Prime CRM offers bespoke solutions for every business model. This includes ensuring that you maintain your business’ branding and tweak any modules available with simple plug-ins.

Web Security

Vantage Prime CRM has a two-factor authentication feature to secure your accounts since nearly the entire Forex market operates on IBs and affiliate programs. The platform also offers third-party protection and advanced encryption against network attacks such as DDoS.

Customer Support

Vantage Prime understands the need for stellar customer support. This is why it offers 24/7 specialised customer support with unparalleled integration for the ticketing system, chat, in-depth reports, and analytical tools.

Community Engagement Tools

The tools available on the Vantage Prime CRM not only helps you maintain contact with traders and clients but also engage in revenue-generating activities with MAM, PAMM, social trading, and signals hub.

Choose your API

Vantage Prime APIs have been developed to offer smooth trading with access to the trading suites of tier 1 banks and are compatible with all order types. Clients have option to access real-time data feeds with Vantage mobile API.

DMA and OTC products are available in real time with low latency and real-time price updates. Trades are executed directly into order books of global exchanges, giving FX traders access to unprecedented liquidity pools.

Our Prime Solution Process

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